whole house generators installedHaving a whole house generator installed is an excellent idea for homeowners in the Atlanta area. Summertime thunderstorms usually mean frequent power losses, and you never can predict how long those power losses will last. In the muggy heat of the summer, you don’t want your family to suffer any longer than absolutely necessary.

But what if your family didn’t have to suffer at all? What if when the power went out, your whole home generator automatically turned on and kept your home’s essential systems running throughout the power loss? Keep reading to learn why you need to call an electrician to have your whole house generator installed.

First of all, a whole home generator needs to be connected to the electrical and natural gas systems that are connected to your house. Electricity…natural gas…heavy equipment…these are three important reasons right off the bat why it’s essential to have an expert handle the installation.

Choosing the ideal location for your generator is another important aspect of the install. The equipment needs to be a certain distance from your home. It needs to be within a certain reach of your electrical panel and natural gas source. The gas and electric lines that run between your house and the generator have to be buried a certain depth under your yard. Accuracy is important, and it’s yet another important reason why you need to have an electrician perform the installation.

After the generator is installed, an electrician will know what tests and checks have to be completed before the installation can be considered complete. He or she will also explain to you the simple steps involved with maintaining the generator and making sure it is ready to handle a power loss. Removing all of the guesswork by hiring an experience professional can save you a ton of stress and heartache later.

A certified electrician will carry the necessary licenses and insurance designed to protect you in the event of a mistake, accident or other unforeseen event. The best electricians will also offer at least a one-year warranty for all of their services rendered. That means that if they make any mistakes, they will come back to your house and make it right, free of charge, for a whole year.

It’s clear to see, whenever your household projects involves the home’s electrical system, you need to call in a professional electrician, rather than go the DIY route. Your family’s safety and the security of your home depend on it

Arc Angel Electric recommends that all of our clients get whole house generators installed as soon as they can. If you want to maintain your family’s comfort and minimize the impact of a power loss, you cannot beat a generator. To have a whole house generator installed at your Atlanta-area home, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.