whole home generatorsRemodeling an existing home is the perfect opportunity to have a whole home generator installed. Having a generator added to your home doesn’t require any extensive rewiring or a lot of construction, so it won’t add more chaos to all of the activity already happening at your home.

If you have been considering having a generator installed for some time, then you already know a few great reasons why you need to get it done. Think about your reasons for putting off this important upgrade as you continue reading, and consider whether delaying the generator install is really worth it.

Four More Reason to Add a Whole Home Generator

1. Adding a whole home generator guarantees your family’s comfort will be intact in the event of a power loss. While the rest of your neighborhood is scrambling to stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer, your family won’t even miss a beat. Your neighbors will end up tossing out whole refrigerators full of food, and your family will continue with life as normal.

2. A whole home generator will also keep medically necessary equipment running during a power outage. For people who rely on oxygen generators and other equipment on a daily basis, mitigating a power loss could be the difference between life or death.

3. With a whole home generator installed at your home, your property value will increase. It also improves your chances of selling the home faster, and getting a buyer to come in closer to your asking price. Any extra bells and whistles like a generator will always grab the attention of potential buyers.

4. Operating your whole home generator is entirely hands-free. The device continually monitors the power flowing to your home. When it senses that the power flow has stopped, it automatically turns on and begins providing power to your home. The transition from utility to generator power is often seamless. In fact, you might not even realize the power has gone out!

For your family’s continued safety and comfort, investing in a whole home generator will go a long way. The generator needs to be installed several feet away from the home with direct access to your power and gas sources. Because of the possibility of electrocution, definitely call a professional electrician to ensure that your generator installation is done correctly and safely.

With thunderstorm season coming, now is the time to schedule your installation. Don’t get stuck in a hot, muggy house this summer. Arc Angel Electric’s team of professionals can get your generator installed quickly and correctly and will ensure your family won’t have to be affected by the next power failure. For your whole home generator needs, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.