what type of lighting should you use in a particular roomIf you are currently building or renovating a home, you may find yourself pondering what type of lighting should you use in a particular room of your house. It’s important to plan your lighting schemes ahead of time so that you can control the look and mood of each area. In particular, homeowners usually seem most concerned about tailoring the lighting in their kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas to suit their needs and tastes.

Here are our thoughts about what type of lighting you should use in your kitchen, baths, and living spaces:

Kitchen Lighting

Have you ever noticed that when you host parties in your house, the gathering begins in the living room but everyone always ends up in the kitchen? This is one reason why the lighting in your kitchen is so important. You may need to accommodate people while they eat a meal at your island bar, or milling about with cocktails, or playing a rousing game of cards at your kitchen table. These kinds of activities all call for different lighting schemes in your kitchen.

Plus, all of that is in addition to the lighting necessary to safely and effectively cook great meals in your kitchen. When you’re slicing, boiling, and baking, you can’t afford to not be able to see what you’re doing! Track lighting underneath cabinets and some ceiling-mounted, dimmer-controlled lights will help make sure your kitchen lighting meets all the diverse needs you will encounter in the most popular room in the house.

Bath Lighting

Choosing the right light fixture to go above a bathroom sink and mirror can make or break the décor in a bathroom. Excessively bright bulbs are obnoxious and make everyone look terrible in the mirror. Choose bulbs that are strong enough to illuminate the room, but soft enough that they don’t wash out your face in the mirror. For safety’s sake, remember to select approved bulbs and fixtures for the ceiling above showers.

Living Room Lighting

If there’s one room in the house that calls for specially tailored lighting schemes, it’s the living room. You may have different seating areas set up within the one room, and each area could require different lighting fixtures and strengths. If you have artwork or other memorabilia hanging on the wall, those could call for special spotlights to bring the eye to these precious possessions. Hosting a party or watching a movie in the living room call for two very different lighting strengths; this is when track or can lighting with dimmer switches would come in extremely handy.

Arc Angel Electric: Your Home Lighting Source

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