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Can You Explain How a Surge Protector Works?

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You're about to learn more about how a surge protector works than you ever wanted to know. There is so much more to these devices than most people realize. You probably have one behind your entertainment center and another one underneath your desk. You keep your most precious electronics plugged into those strips, trusting them

Do I Need a Whole House Surge Protector?

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Spring storm season’s approach has Atlanta homeowners wondering ‘do I need a whole house surge protector?’ Power losses due to thunderstorms are frequent in our region. Most outages tend to be brief, but you can never predict how long it will last. There are many reasons why people want to avoid loss of power. There

What Does Custom Home Electrical Services Include?

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Custom home electrical services are vital to creating the living spaces you dream of. Listening to music, enjoying a home theater system, or changing the entire look of a room with lighting schemes are possible with the help of an electrician. More practical aspects of an electrician’s job can make your home more secure for

Before You Buy a Surge Protector… Read This!

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The average American family will buy a surge protector or two to keep their electronics from being fried during a thunderstorm. For most of us, these affordable gizmos can be a quick and easy way to protect our larger investments in the electronic devices and appliances we rely on every day. One thing you should

3 Business Disasters You Can Avoid with Lightning Surge Protectors

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As a business property owner, you know that you possess a massive amount of responsibility, and you may have shopped around for lightning surge protectors because of that knowledge. Keeping employees, customers and clients safe is one of your major tasks as the owner of the building. Slip-resistant flooring, adequate lighting, and ergonomic furniture are