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Don’t Be Afraid of Residential Electric Maintenance Plans

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If you're a homeowner, you probably know a thing or two about residential electric maintenance plans. Your electrician likely offered you one when they installed your new air conditioner, or rewired your new addition. You probably threw that brochure away, thinking that signing one of those agreements was a waste of money. After all, how

Got Questions About Residential Electric? Ask an Electrician! The 5 Most Frequently Answered Questions

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Have you ever had the opportunity to ask an electrician your burning residential electric questions? We field a lot of questions from our clients, and they tend to fall into several general categories. Fortunately, Arc Angel Electric feels that it’s important for people to be educated about their electrical system, and that’s why we love

How Important Is Grounding 2 Prong Outlets?

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Are you trying to learn about grounding 2 prong outlets? If you home is 20 years old and has 2 prong outlets, you should consider grounding. The newer three-prong outlets prevent appliances and other electrical gadgets from being destroyed in the event of a power surge. If your electronics mean anything to you, then it’s

Top 3 Reasons for Upgraded Residential Electric Services

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Unless you recently built the home of your dreams with a big, modern electric panel, then it’s likely your home could use some residential electric services for an update. Even a relatively new home may not be equipped for your family’s unique electrical needs. If you have no idea where to begin with your home’s

What’s the Best Time of Year for Residential Generator Installation?

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Residential generator installations are a common request for Atlanta-area electricians. We field a lot of questions about generators all year long. Will a generator power my whole house during a storm? How much do they cost? How much space do they take up? How do they work? A timely question right now is: when is