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Will Home Standby Generator Installation Disrupt My Current Electrical System?

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A home standby generator installation is an excellent investment for two main reasons. First, a generator will improve your home’s value. Second, it will give you peace of mind during the stormy season. When your house experiences a power loss, a whole home generator will kick on automatically. Many people report that the transition to

4 Reasons You Should Not Attempt DIY Stand-By Generator Installation

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Having a stand-by generator installation completed is a great way to prepare for the worst. You never know when natural or man-made disasters might cut your power. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t suddenly have to go without air conditioning or refrigeration in the summer, or without heat in the winter? A stand-by generator

Why Should I Include House Generator Installation in My Remodel Budget?

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When our clients are remodeling their homes, we strongly urge them to consider adding a house generator installation to their project. There are plenty of reasons why a remodel is the perfect time to add a whole home generator to your list of tasks. Here are a few of the most important reasons why a

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Take a Look at Generator Installation Cost

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There are countless reasons why homeowners investigate the generator installation cost in their area. Many people believe that we live in increasingly uncertain times with the power grid under threat from terrorists or Mother Nature, depending on who you ask. Other people are simply sick and tired of going without electricity every time there’s a

Do I Need an Electrician to Have My Whole House Generator Installed?

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Having a whole house generator installed is an excellent idea for homeowners in the Atlanta area. Summertime thunderstorms usually mean frequent power losses, and you never can predict how long those power losses will last. In the muggy heat of the summer, you don’t want your family to suffer any longer than absolutely necessary. But