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Got Questions About Residential Electric? Ask an Electrician! The 5 Most Frequently Answered Questions

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Have you ever had the opportunity to ask an electrician your burning residential electric questions? We field a lot of questions from our clients, and they tend to fall into several general categories. Fortunately, Arc Angel Electric feels that it’s important for people to be educated about their electrical system, and that’s why we love

What Is the Inside Scoop on Residential Breaker Panel Wiring?

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Chances are, a power loss is the only time you ever think about your breaker panel wiring. A lapse in electricity could affect just a portion of your house, or your entire neighborhood. The latter situation has nothing to do with your breaker box; it’s best to check with your power company and wait for

How to Check a Breaker – The Safe Way

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Knowing how to check a breaker is something that should be common knowledge for every adult. But you would be surprised by how many service calls result in an electrician simply driving out to the house and flipping a switch! Circuit breakers are designed to protect our homes from damage. Think of it this way:

What Could Go Wrong? The 3 Most Common Problems with New Electrical House Wiring

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Having a new home built is an exciting and exhausting process, and after all that stress you would think that there’s no need to worry about brand new electrical house wiring, plumbing, and carpentry. After all, it’s new, built to strict modern building codes, and state-of-the-art equipment was used to put it together, right? Today’s