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Got Questions About Residential Electric? Ask an Electrician! The 5 Most Frequently Answered Questions

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Have you ever had the opportunity to ask an electrician your burning residential electric questions? We field a lot of questions from our clients, and they tend to fall into several general categories. Fortunately, Arc Angel Electric feels that it’s important for people to be educated about their electrical system, and that’s why we love

Best Remodel Secrets of an Experienced Electrician, Exposed

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Remodeling your home is both stressful and exciting, but it will be far less stressful with an experienced electrician on your team. You never know what kinds of surprises or challenges your home can present as you tear down drywall and move appliances. Even with the most carefully laid plans, you can’t predict everything. So

What’s the Key to Finding Commercial Electricians Near Me?

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Have you recently found yourself dealing with an electrical problem, wondering “how do I find reliable commercial electricians near me?” While commercial electricians abound in the greater Atlanta area, picking one out of the yellow pages is a crapshoot. You can’t really tell what kind of service or quality of work you’re going to get

Before You Buy a Surge Protector… Read This!

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The average American family will buy a surge protector or two to keep their electronics from being fried during a thunderstorm. For most of us, these affordable gizmos can be a quick and easy way to protect our larger investments in the electronic devices and appliances we rely on every day. One thing you should