Electrical Service Upgrades mean upgrading the electrical capacity to your home. All homes have limited electrical capacity (expressed in ampacity, the little number on your main breaker or on your fuses). When a service is upgraded or changed, that capacity is increased, allowing the potential for more circuits and more appliances (for example, a bathroom spa) to be installed.

A service upgrade is when you have an existing 200 amp service and you add so much to the house that you have to add more electrical service to the house to accommodate the additional amperage. An upgrade can be from 200 amps to 400 amps or larger as necessary. This entails changing the outside meter and service, installing new grounding systems, installing new panel inside the house as well as new feeder cables to them.

Service upgrade for older homes:

Today’s homes require more and more electricity to power appliances, computer components and electronic gadgetry. In addition, when upgrading or renovating, the electric service needs to be upgraded as well.

Many older homes still have their original 100 amp service and fuses which are corroded, damp and overheated. The fuse panels are be chronically overload and joints and connections have become loose. These conditions are dangerous to your home and family.

If your older home has Zinsco panels or a fuse box as shown below, it is time to upgrade your electric service.

electric service upgrade

Obsolete Zinsco Electric Panel

electric panel upgrade

Fuse Box