faulty circut troubleshootingAre you having trouble with flickering lights, a tripping circuit breaker or a loss of power in some areas? This issue may be a faulty circuit.  Here are some trouble signs that you can check before you call us.

Outdoor or garage, bathroom and basement outlets that have no power could be due to a tripped GFCI outlet in one of these areas. Locate the GFCI Outlet and attempt to reset.


No power to a furnace or outlet might be due to a switch being off.

A circuit breaker that trips may be due to a faulty lamp or appliance plugged into an outlet. When a circuit breaker trips, the electrical system may cut the power to an area of your house. Try unplugging and turning off the switches in the affected area. This may narrow the problem down to a defective lamp, appliance or light fixture.

With most electrical panels, when a breaker trips, you need to move the breaker handle to the “OFF” position before resetting it back to the “ON” position.

Of course, not all problems are that easy. Flickering lights may be a sign of loose connections behind an outlet, switch or in a junction box. Breakers that trip or a sudden loss of power may be a sign of a more serious problem. If your problem requires a service call, we can respond quickly. We don’t just fix the problem. We take the time to explain the cause of the problem. Contact us today for a free initial quote.

electricity is dangerousElectricity is dangerous!  If in doubt, call us.