residential generator installationResidential generator installations are a common request for Atlanta-area electricians. We field a lot of questions about generators all year long. Will a generator power my whole house during a storm? How much do they cost? How much space do they take up? How do they work? A timely question right now is: when is the best time of year for a residential generator installation?

Timing Matters for Generator Installation

The short answer is – for Atlanta’s homeowners, any time is a great time for a residential generator installation. We are lucky enough to have mild winters that don’t slow us down too much. Our neighbors to the north would have a hard time getting it done in the winter. They would have to shovel the snow off the installation area, and then dig a trench in the frozen ground for the connections that run between the generator and the house.

But here in Atlanta, winter is not a problem. We just won’t install a generator during a thunderstorm. But that brings us to our real point: right now is really the ideal time for a residential generator installation. With our power supply being unreliable during the stormy season, it’s best to not wait for the next grid failure before you make a decision about a residential generator installation.

Generators Help You Stay Safe in the Storm

When a storm takes out your power, it doesn’t just make your house go dark. As you well know, it won’t take long for your house to get hot and muggy without the air conditioner running. Not only is this an extremely uncomfortable condition for your home, it becomes practically impossible to sleep. And if it gets bad enough, it can even become life-threatening.

If you have family members who rely on medical equipment on a daily basis, a power loss could spell disaster. For many families, a bad thunderstorm means an automatic trip to a hospital or at least another person’s home so that vital machines can be plugged into a power supply.

Automatic Power with Generators

But wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about all those things? A residential generator installation takes away the stress of trying to keep your family comfortable and safe during a summer storm. A generator continuously monitors the power supply, and when the grid cuts off the generator automatically gets to work. You don’t even have to flip a switch or pull a cord to have reliable backup power!

Why wait for the next storm to knock out your power if you don’t have to? Arc Angel Electric can get your residential generator installation scheduled for a time that’s convenient for you, but don’t delay. Your family’s comfort and safety depend on your prompt action. For your upcoming residential generator installation, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.