residential electric servicesUnless you recently built the home of your dreams with a big, modern electric panel, then it’s likely your home could use some residential electric services for an update. Even a relatively new home may not be equipped for your family’s unique electrical needs. If you have no idea where to begin with your home’s electric upgrade, a good electrician can offer you options and make recommendations for your unique circumstances.

Not sure whether you need to upgrade your home’s electric system? Check out these three top times when residential electrical services are required:

1. This Old House

Older homes can be charming and unique, but they can also be rife with issues that require residential electric services. Just twenty years ago, families didn’t have anywhere the electrical load needs that we do today. Entertainment centers, device chargers, extra appliances, hot tubs – all of these items create a burden that older electric panels have problems managing. Loosing power every time you run your coffee maker and microwave at the same time indicates it’s time for an upgrade.

2. Home Improvements

Another reason for seeking a good electrician is upgrading your home. Maybe you are turning the attic into a game room, or converting the basement into an apartment, or even bringing your kitchen into the 21st century with basic renovations. All of these changes will likely lead to an increase in electricity use. Of course installing some ceiling fixtures, electrical outlets, and upgrading the electrical panel are nice upgrades as well. It could mean adding a sub panel, or upgrading the main service panel. Our trusted electricians do what needs to be done to meet your electrical needs.

3. Bigger, Better, New?

Putting in an addition is another common reason for upgrading the electric panel. Has your family recently expanded, creating a need for an additional bedroom? Maybe your mother-in-law is moving in and requires a bit of her own space. Whatever you are adding onto your existing home, it will lead to an increase to the electrical load of your home. Upgrading your home’s electrical systems, keeps the new space as convenient and comfortable as the rest of the home.

From simple home renovations to complete overhauls, you should always trust your electrical needs to a trusted, certified electrician. Bad wiring won’t just fail to work – it can also create a fire hazard inside your home.

Since 2000, Arc Angel Electric has worked hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction for every project. Our technicians offer a full line of electrical services, from new builds to upgrades. We continually strive to improve our customer service and expand our line of electrical services.

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