residential electric maintenance plansIf you’re a homeowner, you probably know a thing or two about residential electric maintenance plans. Your electrician likely offered you one when they installed your new air conditioner, or rewired your new addition. You probably threw that brochure away, thinking that signing one of those agreements was a waste of money. After all, how many times would you be likely to need an electrician in the next year?

Well, it’s hard to say. Nobody can predict the future, but the signs of wear and tear on your electrical system can give you some clues. And even if your home electrical systems are relatively new, you never know when a disaster can strike. Keep reading for some ways residential electric maintenance plans can ease your mind.

Get Discounts and Peace of Mind through Residential Electric Maintenance Plans

Your electrician’s residential electric maintenance plans probably include several yearly services. This menu of options may include voltage readings, checking your electrical panel for overheating, and changing out switches.  The plan may also include testing to ensure that your home is properly grounded. Some companies, including Arc Angel, will also change out the batteries in your smoke detectors for you.

Another potential benefit to purchasing a maintenance plan from your electrician is getting a discount on their services. The idea behind a maintenance plan is that the electrician can detect emerging problems before they cause an emergency situation. So in the event that you need your electrician to do some work for you, wouldn’t it be great to get a discount?

The Right Maintenance Plans Include 24-Hour Emergency Service

You may never need to make a call to your electrician for 24-hour emergency service. In fact, we hope you never have to. But it will feel good to know that your electrician is available in an emergency, no matter when things break down. That’s why it’s important to sign a residential electric maintenance plan with an electrician who offers around-the-clock service.

The night your home experiences an electrical emergency is not the time to start the search for an electrician you can trust. Stay one step ahead of Mother Nature, and be prepared in case of disaster. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to refer you to the electrician they know, like, and trust. If you are in the Atlanta area or surrounding counties, Arc Angel Electric hopes to provide you with top-notch customer service you won’t find elsewhere.

Arc Angel has served the Atlanta area’s commercial and residential electrical needs for 15 years. From new builds to renovations, Arc Angel’s technicians have the skill and expertise to get the job done correctly and on time. Our total commitment to complete customer satisfaction each and every day is why our residential electric maintenance plans are so comprehensive. Call Arc Angel at (470) 758-2158 with your questions about residential electric maintenance plans.