outdoor pole lightingCommercial electrical services are all about safety, security, and performance, and outdoor pole lighting is an important component of a business’s electrical needs. Many people don’t give a second thought to exterior illumination until it’s not there. As a property owner, it’s your job to stay one step ahead and make sure your commercial property is adequately lit at night.

Here are a few important ways that outdoor pole lighting can transform your business.

Pole Lights Boost Parking Lot Safety

Keeping customers, visitors, and employees safe in the parking lot starts with illumination. Lighting parking areas deters physical attacks, as well as property crime such as vehicle break-ins. And even if your female employees never mention it to you, most women have experienced an uneasy feeling in a dark parking garage or lot. Upgrading or adding to your outdoor pole lighting could be all it takes to keep would-be criminals away and provide your personnel with a stronger sense of security the premises.

Lighting Safeguards Outdoor Storage Areas

If your business stores equipment, vehicles, or inventory in outdoor areas, keeping the exterior brightly lit at night will protect those investments for you. Whether or not a thief can see a security camera or people watching him doesn’t matter. Just knowing that he is lit up for the whole world to see is usually enough to turn away vandals and robbers. And if you do have cameras trained on the area, bright lights will make it easier to identify and capture criminals caught on tape in the event of an incident.

Light the Outside of Your Location for Better Business

This one is especially important if people visit your business in the early morning or late afternoon hours. Being able to see your signs, building, and parking areas from the road is vital in helping people locate you in the dark. It can be really frustrating when your customer’s GPS says they have arrived at your office, but the lack of illumination makes it hard to see where you are. If someone has to turn around and make another pass or two to find you, you have already made a bad impression.

Can You Afford New Outdoor Pole Lighting?

A better question might be: can you afford not to upgrade your outdoor pole lighting? The safety, reputation, and success of your business could count on it. If you have any uncertainties about your Atlanta commercial property’s exterior illumination, Arc Angel Electric can visit the property and make recommendations to improve your lighting. We always provide detailed quotes for new projects, and our clients are consistently satisfied with our budgeting of time and costs.

Arc Angel Electric’s team has the experience you need for a fast and effective pole light upgrade. For your next outdoor pole lighting installation, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.