outdoor commercial lightingInstalling new outdoor commercial lighting can be a fast way to completely change the look of your building. It also makes for a good way to enhance the visibility of the property. Outdated, ineffective lighting schemes and devices can actually take away from the value of the building because it does nothing to make a positive impression or provide any curb appeal.

Here are a few reasons why the right outdoor commercial lighting is so critical for your property:

Pole Lights

Pole lights are typically used to illuminate parking lots and walkways. The main goal of pole lights is to provide visibility but also security in these outdoor areas. Good pole lights will make people feel safer on your property, because attackers tend to prefer darker locations. Choose pole lights that are an appropriate height, and use bulbs that provide adequate brightness at night. Replace dim and flickering bulbs right away.


These are the little lights used to illuminate signs, statues, foliage, and other objects. They are typically mounted in the ground and shine up at the intended object. These are especially important if they are lighting up the name of your company or the building’s address. But using them to light accent pieces gives your property a little more character and adds to the overall brightness and lighting scheme of the building’s exterior.

Overhang Lights

Overhang lights illuminate the areas around doors and underneath overhangs. They give people a target destination when they are walking in from the parking lot. They also make it easier for people to read any signs or lettering you post at the door. A brightly lit doorway makes it obvious to people how they should enter the building. It also provides an extra bit of security when the door is well lit – especially if you have security cameras pointed at the door.

Motion-Sensing Flood Lights

If your building has emergency or auxiliary doors that are not illuminated like the main doors, consider having motion-sensing lights installed for security. Any non-primary door that could be pried open by a burglar should be protected with security lights. This could include side doors, fire escapes, loading bays, and emergency exits. Anything you can do to deter would-be vandals and burglars is well worth the investment.

If your building’s exterior could use a facelift, consider starting with some new outdoor lighting. Arc Angel Electric is your local source for an outdoor commercial lighting installation. Our experts will be glad to come assess your property and give you advice to get the most out of your electrical investment. For better visibility, security, and property values, exterior lighting is the way to go.

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