lighting surge protectorsAs a business property owner, you know that you possess a massive amount of responsibility, and you may have shopped around for lightning surge protectors because of that knowledge. Keeping employees, customers and clients safe is one of your major tasks as the owner of the building. Slip-resistant flooring, adequate lighting, and ergonomic furniture are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to safety in your place of business. You may have installed GFCI plugs and surge protectors to avoid damages to electronic devices, machinery, and appliances, and that’s a great start.

Natural disasters occur everywhere, and lightning is one disaster that happens virtually any place you could possibly live or work. While you can’t control the weather, there are some things you can do to prevent the storm from shutting down your business. By taking some basic precautions, you can mitigate the risk of property loss and injuries if your building were to be struck by lightning.

Here are three business disasters you can avoid with lightning surge protectors installed in your building:

1. Advanced lightning surge protectors can actually dissipate electrical charges around the building, which can prevent lightning from striking the building in the first place. If you are going to bother with having a lightning surge protector installed, we strongly urge you to consider one of these models.

2. Solar panels often come installed with surge protectors approved by the manufacturer, but they typically do not protect against lightning strikes. Therefore, it’s a good idea to install a lightning surge protector as well to provide another layer of protection for your sizeable investment in solar power.

3. Loss of computers and monitors is common in a power surge. Lightning strikes can be devastating to the electrical equipment that’s integral to your company. Lightning surge protectors can help you avoid the need to replace dozens of computers and monitors after a thunderstorm.

Commercial electric service providers are usually well-versed in installing lightning surge protectors at places of business. An expert can determine the best location on the property for the installation. Additionally, proper installation is important for ensuring the effectiveness of the surge protector during storms. Hiring a professional to install the surge protector can even keep you from voiding warranties. And as always, when it comes to working with electricity, hiring an expert is the best way to go.

About a third of the precipitation Atlanta receives each year is during thunderstorms. With the occurrence of thunderstorms steadily increasing into the summer months, now is the time to have a lightning surge protector installed at your building. Get it done before the stormy season really kicks in, and you will enjoy greater peace of mind as a property owner. If you would like to know more about lightning surge protectors for your business, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.