old circuit breaker panelChances are, a power loss is the only time you ever think about your breaker panel wiring. A lapse in electricity could affect just a portion of your house, or your entire neighborhood. The latter situation has nothing to do with your breaker box; it’s best to check with your power company and wait for the blackout to end. But the former situation is definitely a cause for a trip to your breaker panel.

Have you ever wondered what all those wires and switches in your breaker panel actually do? All of those bits work together to make sure your home is constantly provided with a steady stream of electricity at safe levels. Without them, your home would be dark and quiet. So what difference does your breaker panel really make? Keep reading to learn exactly what your residential breaker panel wiring does for your home and your family.

You Should Be Mostly Hands Off with Your Breaker Panel

If your home is wired correctly, you should almost never need to pay any attention to your breaker box. A properly wired home’s electrical system will work smoothly unless the power supply from your electric company is lost. In the event of a partial power loss, you will have to reset a circuit breaker in the electrical panel. This is the only time you should need to open your electrical panel.

Your breaker panel wiring is designed to minimize your interaction with the electrical panel. Make no mistake: this unassuming-looking metal box is dangerous. The average person has no business fiddling with breaker panel wiring. If resetting a tripped circuit breaker does not restore your power supply, it’s time to call a professional electrician to diagnose the problem.

The Breaker Panel Manages Power Flowing to Your Appliances

Those little switches and wires in the electrical panel play an important role in your home’s electrical system. They work together to distribute electricity to the light fixtures, electrical outlets, and appliances throughout your house. Each switch is responsible for managing the power flow to a specific segment of your home.

When more electricity draws than a given breaker is made to handle, the switch is “tripped.” This means the switch will stop sending power to its appliances. The most common cause of a tripped circuit breaker is having too many devices or appliances drawing power from the switch at once. For homes built within the last decade, this situation is rare. An aging home increases the likelihood of tripped circuit breakers in your electrical panel.

Aging Breakers Also Pose a Problem

Just like so many other things around your home, circuit breakers eventually wear out. You should be able to expect your circuit breakers to last at least a decade. That may not sound like a long time when it comes to a house’s structural elements. But think of it this way: those switches and wires accept, monitor, and deliver electricity around the clock. The breakers will lose their efficiency and ability to do their jobs correctly at some point.

But until they wear out, your circuit breakers keep your house safe. They keep your appliances, lights, and devices working smoothly all day and night. If your house is more than a decade old, this may not be your experience. Getting your home’s electrical system back on track could be as simple as having a few circuit breakers replaced. Upgrading those switches can immediately increase your home’s electrical capacity.

Get Your Breaker Panel Wiring Checked in the Atlanta Area

Arc Angel Electric has helped Atlanta’s citizens with their breaker panel concerns since the year 2000. If your home experiences frequent partial power losses, it may be time to call Arc Angel Electric. Our certified electricians have the tools and knowledge to quickly and accurately diagnose your electric problems. With flexible scheduling and experienced electricians on our team, we can get your breaker panel back in shape in no time.

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