how important is the electrical ground system on a home and what does it doMany homeowners find themselves wondering how important is the electrical ground system on a home, and what does it do? We have all heard of ground wires, and most of us have a vague idea that it may have something to do with the third arm sticking out of three-prong plugs. Maybe you remember that your grandparents had a lightning rod attached to their home to dissipate the power of a lightning strike. But what does all of this have to do with your home?

What Do Electrical Ground Systems Do?

In modern homes built since the 1960s, fuse panels, metal outlets, switches, and screw-in light bulbs should all have a ground wire attached to them. Those ground wires run to the power box, and from there a grounding wire is attached to grounding rods below the Earth’s surface, metal plumbing pipes, or lots of other metal items that can conduct and dissipate the electricity. The grounding wire, which is typically copper but sometimes aluminum, transfers surges of power to dissipate underground.

Why Are Electrical Ground Systems Important?

When a power surge occurs, the extra electricity can create a safety hazard in your home. But a grounding system mitigates that risk by taking the extra electricity and directing outside of the house. Instead of blowing up an appliance, starting a house fire, or electrocuting a person, the power flows through the grounding wire and away from the house.

When Should I Be Worried about My Electrical Ground System?

There are some conditions that should cause a homeowner to seek a professional electrician’s help to improve a house’s ground system. If the home was built before the 1960s, there is a pretty good chance that not all of the lights, switches, and plugs in the home are grounded. If you are on city water and your municipality has switched over to plastic water pipes, you may need to have a secondary grounding system installed to make sure power surges are still directed away from your house.

If you can see any damage to your power box or the wires connected to it, it’s a good idea to have a licensed electrician check it out for you. Plus, if your home has experienced any symptoms of a power surge or other electrical malfunction – electrocutions, smoking outlets, or unexplained power losses, for example – you need to call in an expert to make sure your house is safe for you and your family.

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