hot tub installationIf you are ready to step up your patio décor and maximize your outdoor living space, scheduling your hot tub installation is a great step in the right direction. Having a hot tub just outside your back door can provide a soothing way to unwind after a long day at work. In the summer, you can turn the heater off and use the tub as a plunge pool for a quick cool down. Your family and friends will love the new hot tub, and it will definitely get more use than you even think.

But before you can use the hot tub, it has to be installed properly. It’s always best to leave this project to an experienced professional.

Here are three ways an expert will make sure your hot tub installation is done the right way:

1. You Might Need a Building Permit for a Hot Tub

Believe it or not, some cities require a building permit to install an outdoor hot tub. Check with your city’s building codes to see if you need a permit for hot tub installation. These codes will also specify where you can and cannot place the hot tub in your yard. Remember that most of these regulations are for your safety.

2. Hot Tub Installation Starts with a Strong Foundation

A hot tub full of water can weigh 5,000 pounds or even more. That’s why it’s vital to place the hot tub on a solid surface. The best possible foundation for a home hot tub is a concrete slab. Shoot for a slab that is at least 3.5 inches thick and contains reinforcement wire for extra strength.

If you have your heart set on installing your hot tub on your wood deck, check with a general contractor to make sure the deck can support the added weight.

3. You Need a Specific Type of Circuit for Hot Tubs

You can’t plug a hot tub into a regular electrical outlet. The actual electrical requirements depend on the size and configuration of each tub. Professional electricians like Arc Angel will install your hot tub circuit according to the guidelines laid out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and National Electric Code (NEC). That means your hot tub will be equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and a separate disconnect switch.

Trust Arc Angel for Safe Hot Tub Installation

The temptation to DIY these projects and save a buck is strong. Here’s one more thing to keep in mind when it comes to your hot tub installation: many manufacturers’ warranties are voided if you don’t have a professional electrician perform the hot tub electrical circuit installation. Your DIY installation will become quite expensive if you wire the circuit wrong and wreck your brand new hot tub.

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