home electrical systemsHome electrical system malfunctions happen all the time for a wide variety of reasons. Old homes, faulty wiring, and natural disasters are just the beginning when it comes to the causes of electrical emergencies. But the thing that’s more important than the cause of an electrical problem is the solution a homeowner seeks when an issue arises.

Another factor that affects electrical failures is the home’s location. Various weather patterns, environmental factors, and shoddy local electricians differ from state to state, but these issues can certainly wreak havoc on an area’s electrical systems. However, some problems ring true across the country.

Here are some of the most common emergency home electrical system malfunctions:

Tripped Circuit Breaker

A tripped circuit is probably the most common electrical event homeowners experience. This can be caused by an overloaded circuit, a ceiling fan installation gone wrong, or a wide range of other situations. The good news is that this is one electrical emergency you should handle yourself. Simply peer into your electrical panel and look for a switch that isn’t in line with the others. There may also be a small light on the tripped switch. To reset the circuit, flip the switch off and then back on.

Burned-Out Fuse

When you have a tripped circuit, you know that the power goes out in a portion of your home. When you reset the circuit, the power is typically restored…but what if it’s not? This situation could be caused by a burned out fuse. The small block that a circuit switch is attached to can go bad. This often happens when the circuit has been overloaded, but it can also happen due to age. This problem calls for an electrician’s assessment and expertise.

Smoking Electrical Outlet

A foreign object in the plug, corroded wiring behind the wall – several issues can cause smoke to flow out of an electrical outlet. If this happens in your home, there are a few things to do right away. First, turn off the power to the circuit that controls the outlet, and don’t plug anything else into the outlet. Second, call an emergency electrician right away. Finally, watch to make sure that the smoke stops. If it doesn’t, call the fire department.

For reasons like these, it’s important to keep an emergency electrician’s phone number handy. You never know when your electrical system will fail you, so it’s vital to know exactly who to call when disaster strikes. Choose a licensed and insured electrician who comes with good references and significant experience. It’s the best way to make sure you have chosen an electrician you can count on when you really need them.

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