home electrical repairAt one point or another, we all experience the need for a home electrical repair. Maybe you have a circuit breaker that trips every time you run your oven and your blender at the same time. Flickering lights are a nuisance, especially after you replace the bulbs and they keep on flickering. Plugging in a small appliance and watching smoke come out of the outlet – that’s a disturbing sight. So how to do you tell if your home electrical repair situation is actually an emergency?

Here are signs that tell you that you may have a home electrical repair emergency on your hands:

Power Loss

A few different things can cause you to lose power in your home. If only a portion of your home is without power, check your electrical panel for a tripped breaker. If the power is not restored when you reset the breaker, it’s probably not an emergency, but you should call an electrician as soon as possible.

On the other hand, summer and winter can sometimes pose unique issues with partial power outages. If the furnace is affected in the winter, or the air conditioner is affected in the summer, the extreme temperatures can pose a threat to you and your family. In these circumstances, it is totally reasonable to call for an emergency electrician visit.

If your whole home is without power, first check to see if your neighbors have also lost power. If so, there is a problem on the power company’s end and there is nothing that your electrician can do to help. If it appears to just be your house that’s without power, then it’s a good idea to make the emergency call to your electrician.

Smoke or Sparks

That outlet with the smoke coming out of it? That’s definitely an emergency situation. Electricity plus smoke is never a good sign. Sparks coming out of an outlet is also no good. Unplug the appliance, call your emergency electrician, and watch for signs of more smoke. If there appears to be a fire in the wall, call 911 so that the fire department can check it out.

Electrical Fire

In rare instances, small appliances can cause electrical fires. Never put out an electrical fire with water! Use baking soda to choke the flames out. Call 911 to have the fire department make sure there is no more fire danger. Or, if the fire grows beyond your control, call 911.

When you are in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to call your emergency electrician and ask whether you have an emergency on your hands. The expert on the other end of the line can assess the situation based on the information you provide and recommend the best course of action. Next time you find yourself in need of emergency home electrical repair in Alpharetta, call Arc Angel Electric at 770.889.9243.