general electric servicesCommercial building owners often find themselves in need of general electric services for a wide variety of problems and projects. Your specific electrical needs will be based on the type of commercial property you own, and what kinds of operations are housed in that building. But one thing all commercial properties have in common is they have electrical systems. Here are some general electric services you’ll likely need for your commercial building:

Upgraded Electrical Panels

If your commercial property is of a certain age, it’s likely you will need to have the electrical panels upgraded. As more types of businesses and operations use more technology, they require additional computers and machinery. Upgrading the capacity of the electrical panels is the only way to accommodate an ever-increasing electrical draw. It will prevent tripped circuit breakers and partial power losses for your staff or your tenants.

New Outlet Installation

Another common upgrade for commercial buildings is new outlet installation. Appliances and machinery often call for certain kinds of plugs – just any outlet simply won’t do. To keep your equipment up and running, and to keep your employees productive, you have to make sure the computers and machines they need operate reliably. It all starts with having the right outlets installed, and that calls for a professional electrician.

Surge Protection Installation

For commercial properties that house a lot of electronics such as computers and servers, commercial surge protection installation is a must. These devices will protect all of the devices connected to that electrical system in the event of a power surge. Instead of plugging each and every computer into a surge protector bar, just go ahead and safeguard every piece of technology at once with one of these powerful surge protectors. With thunderstorm season quickly approaching, this is one upgrade you can’t afford to delay any further.

Security Light Installation

Pole lights provide nighttime visibility for the people who utilize your commercial property. They also provide a level of security for employees and guests going to or from their cars. Cars that are stored in well-lit parking lots are less likely to be broken into. And bright pole lights allow your security cameras to capture better footage in the unfortunate event of a break-in or vandalism. This makes catching the bad guys far easier for the police, and the bright lights also serve as a deterrent for thieves.

There are many other excellent reasons for general electric services at commercial properties – boiler and air conditioner servicing, faulty circuit repairs, lighting installation, the list goes on. If you have noticed flickering lights, unexplained power failures, or shortcomings in your electrical system, it’s time to call in a professional electrician. For the top general electric services in Atlanta, call Arc Angel Electric at 770.889.9243.