emergency generator installationAn emergency generator installation is a big undertaking. This complicated piece of equipment can really save your family in the event of a power outage. We’re not talking about the kind of generator you keep in a camper here. Whole home generators are far more intricate than a little pull-string generator from the hardware store. Emergency generator installation is incredibly complicated and should always be trusted to a professional – here are four reasons why:

1. We continually advocate against people attempting to DIY any work having to do with electricity, but generators bring natural gas or propane into the picture too. The combination of combustible gas and electricity presents double the risk of injury or accident during a generator installation. For this reason, amateurs should never try to install a whole home generator on their own.

2. An emergency generator constantly monitors the electrical output coming from the utility company. When that electricity drops off, the generator automatically kicks on, drawing from the home’s gas source and almost seamlessly maintaining the electrical current flowing to the home. Incorrectly installing an emergency generator can prevent the device from accurately monitoring the utility company’s electricity, which can keep the generator from turning on when it’s really needed.

3. There are locations in your yard where an emergency generator installation should and should not be completed. The generator should be located a certain distance from the home, but also within reach of the gas line and circuit breaker box. Lines will need to be laid carefully underground, connecting the generator to the gas and electricity at the house. Choosing the right location for the emergency generator is equally important to ensuring that it works correctly.

4. Various installation mistakes can create potentially dangerous situations. For example, incorrectly connecting the emergency generator to your home’s wiring can cause “back feed.” This hazardous current can electrocute you or people nearby. Installing a specific type of transfer switch is an easy way to avoid this disaster, and a qualified electrician will know exactly how to do it.

An emergency generator can keep your family comfortable, prevent food in the refrigerator from spoiling, and even keep important medical equipment running while you and your neighbors don’t have power. Qualified electricians who have the training and experience for an emergency generator installation will be valuable to you when the time comes.

Here in the Atlanta area, we experience a lot of power outages during summer thunderstorms. Right now is the time to have your emergency generator installation completed to ensure a comfortable and safe stormy season at your house. Arc Angel Electric has installed emergency generators in homes all over Atlanta, and we have the expertise to handle your installation the right way too. For your emergency generator installation, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.