electrical service installationHiring a trustworthy electrician for your electrical service installation is a big decision. In preparation for your selection, you probably did some research to find the best service providers in your area. Once you whittled the list down to a few of the best, you probably started comparing their quotes for your project. With your newly hired electrician secured, you’re ready to start preparing your house for the actual work.

But how should you prepare for your electrician’s arrival? Sure, it would be helpful if you could remove furniture and clutter from the workspace. But beyond that, there’s almost nothing else we want you to do.

Here are some pro tips from an electrician on what not to do before electrical service installation.

Don’t Make the Electrical Problem Worse

First and foremost, do not fiddle with the problem yourself. For some of you, it may already be too late. A layperson trying to DIY an electrical issue is a common cause for electrician service calls. Don’t even feel obligated to remove switch plates or turn off the power supply before the electrician gets there. Let him or her take a look at the problem as it lies. He or she will handle the power, access, and work from start to finish.

Don’t Forget Who’s the Electrical Expert

You likely have specific ideas for what you would like the project to accomplish. But remember that unless your house is not fully built, there could be all kinds of surprises lurking inside your walls. Nobody can predict everything, such as a shortage of materials or shortcomings within the building itself. Give your electrician the power to make judgments and adjustments based on his or her expertise. The ultimate outcome may not be exactly what you have in mind right now, but rest assured that it will be the safest and most effective outcome possible.

Don’t Ask Your Electrician to Cut Corners

A real professional would never even consider it. We know that you are working within a budget, and we know that you just want your house put back together. But we have to work within the constraints of building codes. It’s the law. A reputable electrical service like Arc Angel will not take shortcuts or use chintzy materials to save a day or a buck. We do it the right way, every single time. Please don’t ask us to compromise our professional integrity, because we simply won’t do it.

The Arc Angel Difference

Since 2000, Atlanta homeowners have trusted Arc Angel for their electrical service installation needs. Over the past 15 years, we have built a solid reputation for providing outstanding service and workmanship. We are committed to preserving that reputation for many more years to come through constant training and thoughtful interactions with each of our clients.

For your next electrical service installation, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.