electrical repair serviceAs Atlanta soldiers on through this summer’s stormy season, we have seen an uptick in emergency electrical repair service calls. When the power goes out, homeowners want to restore their level of comfort as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we get plenty of calls about problems we can’t help with. Here’s how you can tell whether it’s time to call for emergency electrical repair service.

If your whole block or street doesn’t have power, it’s likely caused by a damaged transformer or fallen power line. If the issues are even more widespread than that, there is certainly nothing an electrician can do for you (besides install a whole home generator). These problems have to be handled by your power company.

Situations that Require Emergency Electrical Repair Service

There are plenty of reasons why people call for emergency electrical repair services. One of the most common is faulty circuit breakers or electrical panels. These devices tend to create issues most often when they become old and outdated. Over time, people’s electricity demand has outgrown the old electrical boxes.

Customers will usually notice when their circuit breakers are frequently tripped, but you may not know that eventually those circuits will give out. If the busted circuit affects important appliances, such as an air conditioner or refrigerator, it’s certainly good cause for calling an emergency electrical repair service to the house. No reason to suffer through a hot, muggy summer night without your air conditioner!

Another common reason for emergency calls to electricians is faulty wall plugs. Aging wires within the walls can eventually melt away their plastic coating and cause smoke to come out the plug holes. This is an alarming sight. First of all, don’t put any more plugs into the outlet. Second, call an emergency electrician to replace the outlet and make sure there is no more threat of electrical fire in the wall.

Commercial customers sometimes make emergency electrical repair service calls when their parking lot lights burn out. This is a major safety concern for employees and customers alike. A reliable electrician will come out day or night with a bucket lift and replace the burned out bulb. Staying on top of safety hazards like this will give your staff and visitors confidence in your competency.

Choose the Pros for Reliable Electrical Repair Service

At the peak of our summer heat, electricity demand is at its highest point for the whole year. On top of that, we are in the midst of our stormy season. Between a maxed-out power grid and electrical storms, Atlanta’s homeowners are bound to lose power at some point. Frequently, there is little your electrician can do to help you through these difficulties.

But the good news is that there are plenty of problems a reliable electrician CAN fix for you this summer. For your next electrical repair service project, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.