electric power servicesThere are very few lines of work that do not require electric power services. In fact, we have been wracking our brains in the office trying to think of them. So far we have come up with street performers and outdoor survival skills instructors, but even that one is questionable. After all, that seems like the kind of gig where people would have to find your services online, and that requires a computer for building a website and a phone for people to schedule your time.

So it would seem that the portion of entrepreneurs who don’t need electricity is extremely tiny. And besides, we already know that an ever increasing percentage of the workforce is going online to make their living. So unless you have taken up playing saxophone at the subway station, you need to know the following facts about electric power services for your new business:

Start with Great Surge Protectors

If you’re starting a 21st century business, your new company will require computers. Depending on the size of your operation, you could need a LOT of computers. Maybe even your own servers. All of that sensitive technology needs to be protected from power surges, or you run the risk of having to replace it all at your own expense. Forget the surge protector bars – a commercial surge protection device will prevent all of the electronics in the building from being fried in the event of a power surge.

Upgrade the Lighting

If you are refurbishing an existing building, replacing the old fluorescent lights with better options could do wonders for you and your staff. Full-spectrum bulbs in attractive modern fixtures could make all the difference on our stormy summer days. It will also give your clients the impression that you pay attention to the small details, which in their mind means that you will pay attention to their small details, too.

Consider an Emergency Generator

The Atlanta area is in the midst of another active thunderstorm season. Chances are, your power has gone out a time or two so far this year. What will you do when the next big storm knocks out the power at your place of business? Will you call it a day and send your staff home? Sweat it out in your dark, un-air conditioned office space? There’s an easier way. An emergency generator will automatically turn on when the grid goes down. It’s a nearly seamless transition that will keep you in business throughout the storm, while the rest of the street is still in the dark.

Whatever your electric power services needs might be at your new commercial property, Arc Angel Electric has your back. From installing outlets to upgrading electric panels, our team of licensed electricians can handle it for you. For all the answers to your electric power services questions, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.