electric box installationRemodeling a home is the perfect time for an upgraded electric box installation. Moving walls, adding appliances, and replacing old wiring will all do wonders for the appearance of your home and performance of your electrical system. Tying it all together by upgrading the master panel is the best way to make sure that all of your new electrical additions will keep working and prevent tripped circuit breakers for many years to come.

While we would never recommend attempting an electric box installation on your own (unless you’re a licensed electrician, of course), we know that a lot of people are curious about how the panel works. During your remodel, you may want to understand how the installation works or why it’s so important to upgrade to 200 amp electrical service.

Here are the facts you should know about an electric box installation for your home remodeling project:

60 amp, 100 amp, 200 amp electrical service – what’s the difference?

A few decades ago, homes were equipped with 60 amp electrical service. Today’s air conditioners, computers, and other electronic systems have rendered old home wiring systems obsolete. Modern homes are built with electrical systems that accommodate modern electricity requirements, which calls for 200 amp electrical service. Upgrading your panel now will prevent tripped circuit breakers and potential damage to expensive electronic equipment.

Attention to detail makes a panel exchange go smoothly.

The first detail a licensed electrician will attend to is turning off the power to the house. Before removing the old panel, the existing wiring should be labeled in order to make setting up the new panel box much easier. Then, your electrician will carefully disassemble the old panel, sever the wires running into it, and then remove it from the structure.

Connecting the new electrical panel

The same basic steps, followed in reverse order, will result in a new electric box installation. However, if the house is being rewired, the new wires will be connected to the new panel once that work is complete. When the new panel is installed, one last check of the box should be done before power is restored to the home. With all of these steps done, your newly rewired and remodeled home is ready to accommodate new electronics, HVAC equipment, and just about any other electrical appliances you wish.

Choosing to upgrade your panel during a remodeling project is a wise choice. Chances are that you will have wiring reconfigured at the time, not to mention adding electric devices that increase the overall electrical load on the house. To accommodate these changes, and to maintain the comfort and convenience level of your home, a new electric box installation is the icing on the cake!

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