do I need a whole house surge protectorSpring storm season’s approach has Atlanta homeowners wondering ‘do I need a whole house surge protector?’ Power losses due to thunderstorms are frequent in our region. Most outages tend to be brief, but you can never predict how long it will last. There are many reasons why people want to avoid loss of power.

There are ways to ensure your family doesn’t have to go without power at all this spring. You no longer have to deal with destroyed electronics and appliances due to thunderstorms. Do you find yourself wondering if you need a whole house surge protector installation? Here are a few definite signs the answer is yes:

You Require Electricity for Medical Equipment

Many families today have a member who relies on medical machinery on a daily basis. Some major illnesses require constant service from a piece of medical equipment. Oxygen concentrators and heart monitors are just a couple of examples. You know how serious a power surge can be if someone you love depends on a constant electricity supply to live.

Surge Protectors, Because Temperatures Are Already Climbing

Atlanta’s hot and humid summer weather can creep in earlier than expected. Losing power is a big enough pain without having to deal with a muggy indoor climate. When the mercury begins to climb, it can create life-threatening situations when your family is without air conditioning. A damaged AC unit can quickly become about much more than comfort.

Frequent Power Surges Can Cause Big and Expensive Problems

A power surge can damage any unprotected appliances or electronics that are plugged in at your house. You may be counting on those long surge protectors you bought for your computers or entertainment center. But did you know that those wear out after one or two good jolts? If you haven’t replaced your power strips in a few years, there’s an excellent chance they provide zero protection during thunderstorms.

The price of home electronics may be dropping overall. But take a moment to think how expensive it could be to replace your flat screen television, DVD player, sound system, computers, and all of your other electronics that may or may not be protected right now. We haven’t even begun to discuss the cost of replacing damaged kitchen appliances.

Whole House Surge Protectors from Arc Angel Electric

At Arc Angel Electric, we can provide the protection your family and home need during thunderstorm season. From whole home surge protectors to generators that can power your entire house, Arc Angel can hook you up.

Still find yourself wondering ‘do I need a whole house surge protector?’ Or are you convinced that it’s time to make that investment? If so, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243 to schedule your appointment.