custom home electrical servicesCustom home electrical services are vital to creating the living spaces you dream of. Listening to music, enjoying a home theater system, or changing the entire look of a room with lighting schemes are possible with the help of an electrician. More practical aspects of an electrician’s job can make your home more secure for your family. Check out the below ways that custom home electrical services can affect your home life:

Electrical Installations

There are a million options out there to customize your living space. Two items that every home needs are light fixtures and ceiling fans. Anyone can have these replaced fairly easily. But when you are renovating your home or building a custom home, you can work with your electrician to place fans and fixtures precisely where you want them.

One simple add-on for those light fixtures that we really love is dimmer switches. These little devices make it so easy to completely alter the mood of a room. And since you are having custom lighting fixtures installed, why not take it one step further and have a customizable lighting scheme right at your fingertips?

Another custom installation that’s rapidly growing in popularity is an in-home electric car charger. If you are considering purchasing an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, consider the required conditions to charge the car at your home. Some electric cars can be plugged into a traditional wall socket, but a specialized charging station will charge the car faster and safer.

Surge Protection

With your new fixtures and electronics installed, it’s time for some forward thinking. How will you protect your investment from being damaged in an electrical storm? That’s where a whole-home surge protector comes in handy. The small device is installed at your electrical panel and protects all of the devices and appliances in the house. No more relying on cheap plastic surge protectors to prevent your electronics from getting fried in the next thunderstorm.

Emergency Generators

The next level of preparation and prevention is to install a whole home generator. When the power from the grid goes down, your neighbors will be busting down your door to enjoy your air conditioning and frosty beverages. Your family will stay comfortable and be able to get a good night’s sleep, no matter what the weather is doing. Isn’t that really the ultimate level of custom home electrical services?

The first step toward creating the custom home environment you envision is to find an electrician who can make your vision reality. There are plenty of electricians all over Atlanta, but few have the experience or expertise you will find at Arc Angel Electric. To hire the best custom home electrical services available in Atlanta, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.