custom electrical servicesRemodeling a home is an exciting and daunting task which almost always requires some custom electrical services. A remodeling project may require rewiring for many reasons. Along with new plumbing and HVAC equipment, rewiring the home can be one of the costliest parts of a remodel. However, the potential hazards associated with shoddy or outdated wiring make the investment worthwhile.

Here are the four most important factors to consider when planning your home remodeling project:

1. When was your home built?

2. Are you up to code?

The older your house is, the more likely it is you will need to have the structure rewired. Homes built before 1950 usually have electrical wires that become brittle and falls apart over time. Therefore, a historic home almost always requires more electrical work than just what the remodel calls for.

Another issue that often crops up in older homes is an electrical system that is no longer up to building code. Codes are certain industry standards ensuring the safety and performance of your electrical system. A qualified electrician can identify and correct any electrical issues to bring your home back up to code. Isn’t your own peace of mind worth the effort?

3. Does your existing electrical system adequately meet your family’s needs?

Or, do you find that tripped breakers or blown fuses are a common problem for you? If you can’t seem to run two appliances at once without issue, then it’s a good sign that it’s time to bring your home’s electrical system into the 21st century with an upgrade.

4. Are there any electrical bells and whistles that you would love to have added to the home during your remodel?

If you are going to bring your house one step closer to becoming your dream home, why not look into those little extras that can make such a big difference? Don’t be afraid to ask your electrician to install an outlet on your kitchen island, or wire your back patio for speakers. In fact, the possibilities of today’s custom electrical services may you.

Arc Angel Electric Can Help with Custom Electrical Services

Congratulations on taking steps toward transforming your house into your dream home. Throughout the remodel, you may feel compelled to try your hand at doing some of the work yourself. Whether it’s for creative or financial reasons, or perhaps a bit of both, participating in the remodel can provide a real sense of connection and accomplishment. But when it comes to handling the custom electrical services the project demands, the experts should always be trusted to ensure a safe and thorough job.

Arc Angel Electric is licensed and insured to handle all rewires and electrical installations. Our team of pros has the experience and training required to provide custom electrical services that will result in an up-to-code remodel of your home. For your next custom electrical services, contact Arc Angel.