cost of generator installationEvery year, numerous of Atlanta-area homeowners investigate the cost of generator installation. People simply don’t want to be left suffering in the winter cold or the sweltering summer heat when the power goes out. For other families, the need is serious if someone in the house depends on medical equipment to work every day. A whole home generator is a great solution for people who don’t want to be, or can’t be without power.

If you’re in the beginning stages of a home remodeling project, perhaps you’re considering adding a whole home generator to your renovation plans. Here are a few important reasons why the cost of generator installation should definitely be included in your remodel budget.

A Generator Offers a Quiet Solution During a Noisy Thunderstorm

When you think of generators, your mind probably goes to those noisy gizmos people use in their RVs. Others use them in the back of their work trucks to run power tools. But a whole home generator is surprisingly quiet because they have to be installed a certain distance away from your home.

Generators Need Virtually Zero Tending

Whole home generators constantly monitor the house’s power supply from the grid. When that goes down, the generator kicks on automatically – no need to go outside and fire it up. And, since they connect right to the house’s gas line, you will never have to go out in the elements and fill it up with fuel. When the grid comes back online, the generator shuts down on its own. And the transition between power supplies is so smooth that many people don’t even notice that their neighbors are without power!

A Renovation is the Perfect Time for Generator Installation

You already have tradespeople at your house – why not bring in your electrician to install a generator while you’re at it? With the home set up just how you want it, you don’t want a thunderstorm or grid failure to keep you from enjoying your new environment. Keeping your family safe and comfortable through all four seasons is much easier when you have a whole home generator.

Arc Angel Can Help You with a Generator

If you’re seriously considering the cost of generator installation for your Atlanta-area home renovation, Arc Angel Electric can help. Our team of experts can help you determine the right size generator for your house, and we will install it to the manufacturer’s specifications. Rest assured that we have installed countless whole home generators all over the Atlanta area, and our long list of satisfied clients speaks to our commitment to providing the very best service.

For your questions about the cost of generator installation for your Atlanta home, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.