commercial electrical servicesIf you are thinking of renovating, upgrading, or expanding your commercial space, professional commercial electrical services are a must. It’s the best way to ensure your staff has the power they need to do their jobs right. Furthermore, hiring a professional electrician is the key to a smooth and safe electrical upgrade. So, if you’re curious about what commercial electrical services can offer your business, keep reading to learn more.

Revitalized Space?

Participating in the revitalization of an area is exciting. Furthermore, revitalization benefits the entire surrounding area. Similarly, tax incentives often sweeten the deal for entrepreneurs who purchase a building and convert it to a whole new purpose. However, repurposing a building usually means gutting the building down to the bricks and putting in new walls, floors, plumbing, and electric work. Because, the original electric panel probably will not accommodate modern needs, a new panel will have to be installed along with new fixtures, outlets, and wiring.

Replacing and Upgrading?

Upgrading commercial HVAC systems can provide better heating, cooling, and ventilation for your workforce. This process often involves improving ducts and wiring to even out the airflow throughout the building. An electrician should always be relied upon to run new wiring for HVAC equipment. Your electrician can also give you professional advice on purchasing HVAC equipment that will provide the best service for your unique space.

More Plug-Ins?

Upgrading electric panels to accommodate more electronics, appliances, and equipment is a common task for commercial electricians. In addition, businesses with lots of employees using machinery or computers require plenty of space and GFCI outlets. Even simply adding a break room with basic kitchen appliances usually requires an improvement to the whole electrical system. Upgrading to a system that provides adequate space and power for your team requires commercial electrical services. Surge protection should also be added to prevent damages to equipment and computers in the event of a lightning strike.

Better Efficiency with Commercial Electrical Services

Many commercial spaces are taking steps to improve their efficiency. Almost always, commercial electrical services can make this process easier. From installing efficient lighting to Energy Star-rated HVAC equipment and more, you can reduce your commercial space’s electrical use. As a result, you may be surprised at how much electricity can be saved by installing motion sensors. Most noteworthy, a good electrician can make plenty of suggestions to help you slash your monthly electric bill.

Arc Angel Electric has advised countless Atlanta-area commercial property owners through upgrades, renovations, and expansions. Our team of experts is ready to assess your property. We will make recommendation based on your staff’s unique needs. For security lighting installation, HVAC upgrades, and efficiency improvements, Arc Angel can make the process quick and easy. For your next commercial electrical services, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.