Electrical Maintenance Plan

Don’t Be Afraid of Residential Electric Maintenance Plans

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If you're a homeowner, you probably know a thing or two about residential electric maintenance plans. Your electrician likely offered you one when they installed your new air conditioner, or rewired your new addition. You probably threw that brochure away, thinking that signing one of those agreements was a waste of money. After all, how

What Is Electrical Maintenance and Why Should I Care About It?

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What is electrical maintenance going to do for your home this fall? It depends on your goals. Are you hoping to make some simple improvements, add a hot tub or emergency generator, or maybe even do some renovations? Whatever you want to accomplish with your house this fall, your local professional electrician is ready to

What’s the Key to Finding Commercial Electricians Near Me?

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Have you recently found yourself dealing with an electrical problem, wondering “how do I find reliable commercial electricians near me?” While commercial electricians abound in the greater Atlanta area, picking one out of the yellow pages is a crapshoot. You can’t really tell what kind of service or quality of work you’re going to get

Don’t Get Left in the Dark. When to Call for Emergency Electrical Repair Service

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As Atlanta soldiers on through this summer’s stormy season, we have seen an uptick in emergency electrical repair service calls. When the power goes out, homeowners want to restore their level of comfort as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we get plenty of calls about problems we can’t help with. Here’s how you can tell whether

3 Facts You Need to Know about Home Electrical Repairs

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From time to time, home electrical repairs are necessary. Sometimes Mother Nature causes damage to the property and an electrical problem arises in the aftermath. During home renovations, electrical rewiring and repairs are extremely common. Once in a while, a homeowner just wants a fan installed on the back porch but the wiring isn’t there.

What You Need to Know about Electrician Educational Requirements before Hiring a Contractor

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If you’ve ever stopped to wonder what electrician educational requirements look like, you are about to get a glimpse at all of the training and experience required. Let’s just say that becoming a licensed and certified electrician is not a fast or easy course of study. Electricians must be fully dedicated to the safety and

Do I Need an Electrician to Have My Whole House Generator Installed?

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Having a whole house generator installed is an excellent idea for homeowners in the Atlanta area. Summertime thunderstorms usually mean frequent power losses, and you never can predict how long those power losses will last. In the muggy heat of the summer, you don’t want your family to suffer any longer than absolutely necessary. But

What Are the Top Reasons for Emergency Response by Professional Electrical Service Providers?

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Not all professional electric service providers offer 24 hour emergency service. However, when you experience a power-related emergency in the middle of the night, you want to know that there’s someone you can call for immediate and reliable service. Electrical emergencies are caused by all kinds of events. Natural disasters, problems within the utility company’s

Why Do I Need an Emergency Generator for My Home?

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Lots of homeowners in the Atlanta area have an emergency generator for their homes, and many other residents have considered getting one, and for good reason. Thunderstorm season is coming up quickly, so local electricians are fielding ever more phone calls asking about emergency generator installations for homes all over town. Keep reading to learn

Before You Buy a Surge Protector… Read This!

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The average American family will buy a surge protector or two to keep their electronics from being fried during a thunderstorm. For most of us, these affordable gizmos can be a quick and easy way to protect our larger investments in the electronic devices and appliances we rely on every day. One thing you should