emergency electrical repair servicesEmergency electrical repair services stem from a huge number of unforeseen circumstances. Each region and each changing season tends to see a particular set of electrical emergencies. Choosing a local electrician who is intimately familiar with your area’s common electrical problems is a smart way to go for every homeowner.

Just because your power suddenly went out doesn’t always mean you need to call an electrician. There are plenty of electrical emergencies that your electrician can’t fix. Here are a few scenarios and tips to help you figure out if you need to call for emergency electrical repair services.

Scenario 1: Your Whole House Is Without Power

Assuming you are up-to-date on your electric bills, the first thing to do is find out if your neighbors have power. Is your whole block dark, or is it just you? If you’re not the only one, then your electric provider is experiencing a problem and you should call them. If it seems to be just your house that has lost power, look around for a downed power line near your home.

NOTE: Never approach or touch a fallen power line yourself. If you see a line down, call 911 immediately.

If you don’t see any lines down, the issue may be with your electric panel or another internal power component. Call your local emergency electrician for assistance.

Scenario 2: Part of Your House is Without Power

When a house experiences a partial power loss, it is nearly always due to a tripped circuit breaker. The good news is that this is easy to fix yourself. Simply go to your electric panel and look for a switch that is not quite in line with the rest. Turn the switch off and then back on to reset it.

Now for the bad news. If the same portion of your house experiences repeated power losses, you probably need to have your breaker switch upgraded. There may be more power drawing from that switch than it can adequately handle. A switch swap is a quick project, but you definitely need a professional electrician to handle it.

Scenario 3: Smoke or Sparks in an Outlet

It can feel awfully unsettling to watch smoke or even sparks come out of a power outlet. These are common symptoms of a short circuit happening in the plug box, but other factors could be in play. Follow these three steps to prevent a house fire:

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker that feeds that outlet.
  2. Call the fire department to verify there is no fire starting inside the wall.
  3. Call your emergency electrician to diagnose and remedy the problem.

Scenario 4: Frequent Power Loss Is Stressing You Out

Different areas of the country become prone to frequent power loss at various times of year. Our neighbors to the north have power lines fall due to heavy snows. The desert southwest and other parts of the country may see rolling blackouts during their hot summer months. Here in Atlanta, you’re likely to see at least a few powerless days during thunderstorm season.

While there is nothing your electrician can do to fix these power losses, there is something he can do to help you get through them. Having a whole home generator is a smart preventive step that can stave off real emergencies when the power periodically goes out. These devices tap into the home’s natural gas supply and will turn on automatically when the power company’s electricity shuts off.

A whole home generator installation is not really an electrical emergency. However, having one installed can help your family get through power outages in relative comfort. In fact, these generators turn on so seamlessly and run so quietly that you may not even notice the power went out in the first place.

Who Do You Call for Emergency Electrical Repairs?

When it’s 95 degrees out and your air conditioner won’t turn on, you need help right away. Electrical emergencies give folks very little time to research the electricians available in the area. Arc Angel Electric has been serving Atlanta’s electrical needs since the year 2000. Our family-owned company knows Atlanta and the surrounding areas, and we understand the prevailing electrical concerns.

Arc Angel is here to help you recover from an electrical emergency. Or, our experts will be glad to prepare your home for your next power outage with a whole home generator installation. We promise honest, friendly service and top quality workmanship on every project. For your next emergency electrical repair services in the Atlanta area, call Arc Angel Electric at 770.889.9243.