best ceiling fansAtlanta homeowners are always looking for the best ceiling fans for their homes. They want to keep their families comfortable but save a few bucks on their summer heating bills at the same time. A ceiling fan can assist with evaporative cooling and allow you to turn your AC down a couple of degrees all summer long. They use so little electricity that you will no doubt notice a difference on your cooling bill.

An attractive ceiling fan can also enhance the look and style of the room. So what else do you need to know about buying fans?

Here are four expert tips for choosing the best ceiling fans for all the rooms in your house:

1. What Size Ceiling Fan Do You Need?

The size of the room is the first and perhaps most important thing to consider when buying a ceiling fan. If the fan is too small for the room, it will not move enough air to have an impact on your comfort. If the fan is too big, it will move too much air. It’s possible that a huge fan won’t even fit in a tiny room! Buy the right size fan for a room by measuring the longest wall in the room:

  • If it’s shorter than 12 feet, choose a ceiling fan that’s no wider than 36 inches.
  • If it’s 12 to 15 feet long, buy a fan that’s 40 to 48 inches wide.
  • If the wall is longer than 15 feet, get a fan that is at least 52 inches wide.

2. Want a Ceiling Fan with Lights?

Consider whether you need to install a ceiling fan that has lights on it. A room that’s lacking in illumination can be difficult to use. A fan with lights kills two birds with one stone by making the room comfortable and light. If the room has plenty of lighting, then just opt for a fan with no lights.

3. Flush Mount or Down Rod for Your Ceiling Fan?

Measure the room’s height from the floor to the point on the ceiling where the fan will be installed. The lowest point on the fan should be eight to nine feet above the floor. A flush mount is the best option for low ceilings. For high or vaulted ceilings, you will need a down rod to bring the fan down to the correct height.

4. What Color Ceiling Fan Do You Want?

Choose a fan color or material that coordinates with the room’s paint and décor. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the fan must match exactly. In fact, a contrasting fan color can add a pop of excitement to a room. There are also fans out there that have metallic finishes or wicker-looking blades. Select a fan that adds to the room’s character.

Trust Arc Angel for Safe Ceiling Fan Installation

The fifth pro tip in our list of ceiling fan advice is to hire an expert to install them. There’s no better way to make sure the job is done right. And it means you don’t have to climb a ladder or play with electrical wires. That is considered a big bonus for most people.

When you need the best ceiling fans installed in your home, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.