backyard pole lightsThinking about putting in new landscaping? Consider installing some backyard pole lights throughout your property. The right style, height, and brightness of lights can transform your yard and create a space for friends and family to enjoy to the maximum. Here are a few ways that backyard pole lights can make all the difference for your new landscaping.

Use Pole Lights to Increase Your Home’s Security

A well-lit yard deters thieves. When would-be burglars see a yard full of lights at night, they are extremely likely to move on to another potential target. You don’t even have to have security cameras installed to deter criminals – just a few simple pole lights will do the trick.

Pole Lights Can Be Stylish

When we talk about backyard pole lights, we hope you don’t picture the tall, utilitarian-looking lights that arch over city streets. We are talking about three to seven-foot tall poles with dimmer lights than your city uses. And these poles come in an impressive array of materials and styles. There is surely a backyard light pole out there that perfectly suits your unique style and will complement your landscaping scheme.

Set the Mood with Beautiful Pole Lighting

Having pole lights strategically placed in your yard can increase the amount of usable space available for your evening gatherings. If you like to utilize your backyard at night, then thinking about making all of your yard a safe and usable space for the people you care about. Cookouts, lawn games, laying out on the grass and socializing – you could double or triple the space you have for these activities with a handful of pole lights.

Pole Lights Increase Safety and Visibility in Your Yard

Small children have a gift for getting into mischief. Sometimes that mischief involves disappearing. This kind of incident can be especially frightening if there’s a pool on or near your property. Installing pole lights in your yard will make it easier to keep a watchful eye on your kids in the evening.

Why Choose Arc Angel for Backyard Light Pole Installation?

Arc Angel Electric has faithfully served homeowners across Atlanta since 2000. We know that the people of Atlanta love to express their unique styles, and they love to entertain in their back yards! New light poles will help you serve both of these purposes in one fell swoop, and Arc Angel wants to help you achieve this goal.

With a helpful customer service team and crews of experienced electricians at the ready, Arc Angel is the ideal partner for your new light pole installation. Just take a look at our reviews on sites like Kudzu and Angie’s List, and you’ll see testimonials from scores of satisfied customers. Take their word for it: we will exceed your expectations on any electrical project you send our way.

For your next backyard pole lights installation, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.