an experienced electricianRemodeling your home is both stressful and exciting, but it will be far less stressful with an experienced electrician on your team. You never know what kinds of surprises or challenges your home can present as you tear down drywall and move appliances. Even with the most carefully laid plans, you can’t predict everything. So when your house throws up an obstacle in your remodel project, will you know what to do?

Here are some remodel secrets from an experienced electrician:

  • If you plan on adding electrical appliances to your home – say, a second air conditioner, a hot tub, or a deep freezer in the garage – there are two main considerations that come up. First, those appliances require the installation of special outlets. And second, there’s a chance that your electrical panel will have to be upgraded to accommodate the extra electrical draw. To avoid certain disaster, plan ahead accordingly for those tasks and their associated expenses.
  • When securing wires to studs with heavy staples, it’s important to use a little finesse. If you use all of your CrossFit strength and staple those suckers in too hard, you could press through the insulation to the bare wire and create a fire hazard inside your walls. Easy does it!
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are the standard outlet throughout all newly constructed homes. They are only required to be installed in areas where water may be present, such as kitchens or bathrooms, but to upgrade to the latest industry standard, just install GFCIs wherever you want to have a plug.
  • If you have an older home, there’s a decent chance you don’t have enough plugs in your home – at least according to current building code. Your house should have outlets placed within six feet of a corner or doorway, and then every 12 feet along a wall. If you are doing work in your kitchen, the backsplash must have an outlet every four feet and/or two feet from a corner. Kitchens also require two receptacle circuits at 20 amps each, to accommodate the electricity drawn by your appliances. Stick to these guidelines to bring your home up to code.

These basic tips will help you get the most out of your remodeling project. Bringing an older home up to code with modern wiring will certainly improve your home’s value and safety. Remember that while knocking down walls and laying mosaic tile can be a lot of fun, you should always hire an experienced electrician to perform your electrical work.

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