24 hour emergency electrical servicesHaving a company that offers 24 hour emergency electrical services on your speed dial could save you a lot of discomfort and frustration someday. Knowing you can call a certified electrician any time of day for nearly any electrical emergency provides tremendous peace of mind. In the heat of the summer, you want your family to be cool and comfortable. During a power outage, you want your emergency generator to maintain a certain level of comfort.

Emergencies are frustrating, but they happen to all of us. Appliances break down. Wiring ages and deteriorates. Breakers fail. Knowing who to call in these situations is the key to getting the problem solved quickly and safely. Here are the top 4 indicators you need 24 hour emergency electrical services:

1. A portion of your home loses power, and flipping the breaker doesn’t bring the power back on. If your whole home loses power, double check to make sure you paid your electric bill. And if your whole block loses power, call the utility company. Your electrician can’t help you in those two instances. But if it is neither of those two instances, it’s time to call in the emergency electrical services.

2. If touching an appliance causes an electrical shock, it’s time to call for emergency services. There is definitely something wrong with the appliance and/or the outlet it’s plugged into. Either way, the outlet needs to be checked over by a professional to make sure it’s safe to use.

3. If you spot sparks coming from electrical wiring anywhere in or on your house, don’t hesitate to call for 24 hour emergency electrical services. The sparks are a sign of faulty wiring, and they can easily cause a fire on the property.

4. If you are fortunate enough to have an emergency generator, it should kick right on in the event of a power failure. But if your generator will not turn on, it’s always best to call in an electrician to address the problem. Generators typically use the natural gas flowing to your home to create electricity. Electricity plus natural gas requires care and expertise– the average person has no business fiddling with an emergency generator.

Here in Atlanta, thunderstorm season is coming up soon. Electrical storms usually mean frequent power losses. Prepare your home by stocking up on flashlights, batteries, and other supplies that will get you through a short-term power loss. While storm-related power loss is an emergency, keep in mind that it’s up to the power company, not your electrician, to restore power to your home.

Arc Angel Electric knows that when you’re facing an electrical emergency, you want fast, courteous, and effective service. Each of our team members is committed to providing the ultimate customer service for our clients. For your 24 hour emergency electrical services needs, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.